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Registration is open for Youth Football & Strength Camps along with High School Football & Lifting. Be sure to register this weekend at:

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The Burnsville Touchdown Club is a non-profit organization wholly committed to supporting the Burnsville Football Programs from 1st through 12th grade. This support comes in the form of financial, in-kind contributions and the volunteering of time.


2015 Minnesota AAAAAA Section Champions

Hamza Hassan (SMSU), Max Cantrell (Concordia), Jordan Leake (Wayne St.), Jesse Orak (Concordia), Kamal Martin (Minnesota), Keenan Winge (Concordia), Tucker Shepley (Northwestern (MN) - Basketball), Andy Samuel (UND - Track), Benn Olson (NIU), Abdi Farah (Ridgewater), Jake Parrent (Itasca), Trenton Alderson (Itasca), Luke Simon (Ridgewater), Michael Schiller (Century - Baseball)

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2015 East Metro White Sub-District Champions

Signing Day 2017

Jake Staats (Northern State), Matt Gilray (South Dakota), Nick Burton (Wisconsin-Eau Claire), Jake Shepley (Concordia-St. Paul), Jackson Martens (ICCC), Stephan Olson Jr. (ICCC), and Seyi Aguda (Track at North Dakota).

Blaze Headlines

2016 Players and Coaches in Grades 1-12

A packed crowd watching a homecoming win

A packed crowd watching a homecoming win


Applebee’s, BCTV, BHS Black & Gold Alumni Foundation, Burger Jones, Cosmopolitan Orthodontics, Green Mill, Northern Life Wellness, Olive Garden, Red’s Savoy Pizza, Twin Cities Orthopedics!

Your support is very much appreciated!