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Blaze Football Volunteer List and Opportunities

Cub Bagging event on Dec 22nd.

Please sign up to help and be sure to wear your Burnsville Football Gear!

Monday Night Study Hall

We are asking for 1-2 families per week to sponsor the Monday Night Study Hall Meal / Supervisors Please bring a meal & drinks for between 20-30 players. Plan on staying from 5-7:30pm, and help the players who need rides get home by coordinating with upperclassmen or bringing them home yourselves. Tutors - Please sign up for the subject that you can help with. Please join us for the food, and let the supervisor know if you need a ride home as well. Thank you all!

Wanted: Database Coordinator

The Burnsville Football Booster club is looking for a Database Coordinator.  This person would create an easy to use on-line database for Booster Club use.  Interested persons please contact Carrie Westrum at