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Blaze Football Volunteer List and Opportunities

Bingo Night - 9/21

Please come out to help on Bingo Night. It is guaranteed to be fun for all who volunteer and play Bingo!

Half time snacks

Last year a tradition was started of providing a half-time snack for the Varsity players. The boys have a long day on game days and by half-time, they need some fuel to finish the games.

Tuesday Night Study Hall

We are asking for 1-2 families per week to sponsor the Tuesday Night Study Hall Meal / Supervisors Please bring a meal & drinks for between 20-30 players. Plan on staying from 5-7:30pm, and help the players who need rides get home by coordinating with upperclassmen or bringing them home yourselves. Tutors - Please sign up for the subject that you can help with. Please join us for the food, and let the supervisor know if you need a ride home as well. Thank you all!

Wanted: Database Coordinator

The Burnsville Football Booster club is looking for a Database Coordinator.  This person would create an easy to use on-line database for Booster Club use.  Interested persons please contact Greg Boatman at