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Blaze Performance

This is our strength, speed and agility progam designed to prepare you for athletics at the high school and next level.  Athletes lift 4 days a week M-Th before school (Opens at 6:30 am) or after school 3-5pm.  Coach King is our strength coach for all athletics and is also a fb coach.


Summer Camp

Summer Camp consists of 11 practices over the summer.  This Camp is designed to teach the basic skills and techniques we use at the varsity level as well as teaching the base schematics of the O/D & Sp Teams.  (Click the link below for more info.)

Or "Click Here" to register.


Team Bonding

Team bonding is our off-season monthly gathering that the Leadership Council puts together.  The team is fed pizza and get's the opportunity to play various games such as basketball, dodgeball, floor hockey and Madden playstation tournaments. (Click link below)


Our Identity

We are FAST, PHYSICAL & FEARLESS.  Our 2024 Motto is: EARNED NEVER GIVEN.  It promotes our mindset of setting & working towards our goals and dreams to prepare for opportunities that present themselves in the future.  We must be ready for opportunity when it arises in life.  We understand you don't get your dreams by chance - IF IT IS TO BE, IT'S UP TO ME!

Core Beliefs

  • The TEAM Matters

  • TEAMWORK Matters

  • Expectations Matter

  • Preparation Matters

  • Effort Matters

  • Relationships Matter

  • Accountability Matters

  • Solutions Matter

  • Player Leadership Matters

*We work to intill these beliefs in all athletes we come in contact with regardless of skill/talent level or position on the team.  

Why We Coach

We Coach to promote hard work, self belief and a mindset of never giving up on our goals.  We use football as a tool to help students improve themselves not only in football but in all aspects of life.  We teach life lessons that our players will take with them and implement a "mindset" that will help prepare them for anything that comes their way in life.  We are more than football, we are a family with futures.


The Burnsville Football Program is built on the belief that in order to succeed in life, you must be surrounded by "Champions".  The old adage "Choose your friends wisely" applies in this context.  We must choose friends that do the right things on and off the field that help you improve and never stay satisfied with where you are.  Champions push themselves to their limits/goals then once achieved - re-evaluate and push even higher.

We believe that our players and coaches need to be champions in the classroom, on the field and in the community.  We look for three main qualities in our champions: their integrity, their discipline and their pride.  If you work with integrity, discipline and pride each day and surround yourselves with others that do the same, you have a much higher chance of succeeding in your goal.  Great things in life are accomplished by working together with people you trust and respect so we can all work to build eachother up.  We understand that success in football, much like life, is not accomplished on your own, it takes a TEAM and if you strategically hang out with poeple of the same mindset and work together with the same core beliefs and goals - then great things can happen!


Offensively - we are a multiple set offense with a run first mentality that utilizes RPO, play action and screens in an no huddle fashion to keep defenses off guard.  We can run all of our plays out of 1, 2 or 3 back sets that allow us to adjust the "look" of the offense each year based on talent level but fundamentally is the same at it's core each year.  To the layman it will look different from year to year but a knowledgable football fan will see the same core plays ran each year.

Defensively we are a gap control even front defense that utilizes a variety of pre-snap looks to confuse the offense.  We believe in coverage disguise to confuse the QB and gain a tactical advantage.  We will be fundamentally sound and stop the run first.  We pressure the QB with a variety of stunts, blitz's, coverages and techniques.

Our Special Teams are aggressive and designed to take advantage of weaknesses in the opposing unit.  We believe in using special teams to gain an advantage in the field position battle and will play the best players available in order to gain an edge.

Current News from Coach Varp
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What can I do to improve my abilities?

  • Join Summer BHS FB Camp
    • (This teaches plays and techniques needed for you to be ready in the fall)
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Click image to join!

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All players are expected to participate in Summer Blaze Performance & summer camp.
Summer Camp Registration:
Summer Football Camp (Click here to register)
*Pads will be handed out after the first day of camp at 6pm on June 5th.  Only players registered PRIOR to June 5th will be able to get pads and participate.  New pads are handed out on a first come first serve bases by grade level.  Tuition assistance available for football by contacting: 

Kate Rother

Community Education



Summer Blaze Performance (Click here to register)
Key Dates:​​
  • Spring Parent Meeting for new players 6-7:30PM in Room C180 by the main office (Incoming 9th and any new player)

  • Booster Meeting - June 5th, 7pm at BHS room A24

  • Booster Meeting & Social - June 17th, 6pm at Carbones in Burnsville

  • Summer Camp Day 1 - Wed. June 5th 3-6pm (Equipment handout after practice at 6pm if registered)

  • Summer Camp Day 2 - Wed. June 12th 

  • Summer Camp Day 3 - Wed. June 19th

  • NIKE US Sports Camp (Separate fee/camp) June 24-27 9am-3pm (age 8-18)

  • Summer Camp Day 4 - Wed. June 26th (7-9am that day before the Nike camp)

  • June 30th-July 6th = No Contact Period

  • Summer Camp Day 5 - Wed. July 10th

  • Summer Camp Day 6 - Wed. July 17th

  • Mini-Camp (Days 7-11) Mon. July 22-26th

  • Aug 1-11th - No Contact

  • Fall Camp Week 1 M-F Aug. 12th-16th

  • Fall Camp Week 2 M-S Aug. 19th-24th

  • Afternoon practice start Aug. 26th 3-6pm

Congrats to the following Seniors
for their commitments to play
football in college:
  • Markeese Howard - Bemidji State University
  • Kenny Steffen - Concordia St. Paul
  • Joseph Santos - Waldorf
  • Will Heger - River Falls
  • Alpha Dinos - River Falls
  • Jeremy Sherlock - River Falls
  • Jayden Ellis - RCTC
Game tickets are sold online only via Vanco online.  The link is below. No cash or checks.  

Online tickets only at

You can View Game Schedules; by your sport.  

Click on Burnsville at the far right top box

Click on View Schedules found below the small calendar on the far right of screen

Football Contacts

Here are our Football Contacts for the 2024-25 Season.


Varsity - Coach Varpness -

9/10th Grade - Coach McDevitt- 

2024 CAPTAINS - Andrew Dickhausen & Ben Watson

2024 Leadership Council: Andrew Dickhausen, Ben Watson, Dane Heinen, Caleb Kamara, Quentin Platt

Parent REP/Booster President

Paul Sczepanski,

Recent Players in College
  • Hamza Hassan (SMSU)

  • Max Cantrell (Concordia)

  • Jordan Leake (Wayne St.)

  • Jesse Orak (Concordia)

  • Kamal Martin (Minnesota)

  • Keenan Winge (Concordia)

  • Tucker Shepley (Northwestern (MN) - Football/Basketball)

  • Andy Samuel (UND - Track)

  • Benn Olson (NIU)

  • Abdi Farah (Ridgewater)

  • Jake Parrent (Itasca)

  • Trenton Alderson (Itasca)

  • Brett Shepley (Augustana)

  • Luke Simon (Ridgewater)

  • Michael Schiller (Century - Baseball)

  • Jake Staats (Northern State)

  • Matt Gilray (South Dakota)

  • Nick Burton (Wisconsin-Eau Claire)

  • Jake Shepley (Concordia-St. Paul)

  • Jared Lozano (Concordia Moorhead)

  • Jackson Martens (ICCC)

  • Stephan Olson Jr. (ICCC)

  • Seyi Aguda (Track at North Dakota)

  • Tre Thomas (U. of SD/U of Idaho)

  • John Simon (Concordia Moorhead)

  • Jackson Martins (Northern Iowa)

  • Marcus Shepley (Duluth)

  • Isaac Tester (Stout)

  • Tommy Tester (Stout)

  • Nicholas Gilman (St. John's)

  • Kyle Atkinson (MN-track)

  • Issac Pasko (RCTC)

  • Dalton Passon (MN West)

  • Darien Clayborn (Alabama)

  • Adam Chudecke (NDSCS)

  • Jakob Brown (Concordia Moorhead)

  • Myiion Hodges (Concordia St. Paul)

  • Mateo Noriega (NDSU)

  • Brandon Montgomery (Conc. St. Paul)

  • Izaya Atkinson (Kentucky Wesleyan)

  • Marschall Harrison (Crown College)

  • Dylan Fischer (Alcorn State/U of Idaho)

  • Jay Homuth (Norfolk State)

  • Colton Gregersen (U of MN)

  • Keon Hunter (RCTC)

  • Dun Fahndulleh (RCTC)

  • Markeese Howard (Bemidji State Univ.)

  • Kenny Steffen (Concordia St. Paul)

  • Joseph Santos (Waldorf)

  • Will Heger - (UW River Falls)

  • Jayden Ellis (RCTC)

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed!!!

We need volunteers for many days and many areas. We need the most help in our concession stand on game nights! Other volunteers are needed for Watermelon Bowl,  Blitz Night, BAC Night, Homecoming Night, Teacher Appreciation Night, Senior Night, End of Season Banquet, Tackle Cancer Night, pre-game meals,  and more.  Without volunteers we are unable to do many of these community building activiites.  All parents should plan to volunteer for at least 1 event.


For more information, contact our Booster President Paul Sczepanski at

Want to help more? Have ideas? Contact Paul Sczepanski with questions at

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