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"Building Champions"


The Burnsville Football Program is built on the belief that in order to win championships, you must be surrounded by champions.

We believe that our players and coaches need to be champions in the classroom, on the field and in the community.  We look for three main qualities in our champions: their integrity, their discipline and their pride. 

In order to be a champion in the classroom, we must:


·         Do our own work.

·         Be great listeners.

·         Help others.


·         Be at every class on time and ready to learn.

·         Give our best effort.

·         Take advantage of every opportunity in class.


·         Lead by example in the classroom.

·         Ask for help when we need it.

·         Turn in our best work.


In order to be a champion on the field, we must:


·         Trust our teammates and coaches.

·         Commit to our team in season and off-season.

·         Take responsibility for our own actions.


·         Prepare mentally and physically for every practice and game.

·         Give 100 percent effort in practice, weight room and games.

·         Know our role.


·         Practice and play like a warrior.

·         Put the team above ourselves.

·         Do the little things to make the team successful.


In order to be a champion in the community, we must:


·         Be a great role model.

·         Be responsible for our own actions.

·         Inspire others to greatness.


·         Make great decisions.

·         Live up to expectations.

·         Lead by example in everything we do.


·         Act with class at all times.

·         Give back to the community.

·         Be humble.

Click here to see our Player and Parent Manual with expectations for the team.


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