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Varsity Game Schedule for 2023-2024

2023 official schedule.JPG


Burnsville Football uses a private calendar application just for families associated with the football program.  Please download the Go Max One application to your phone or go to and set up a player account first. 

More information is provided in your spring and/or fall parent meeting packet.  You can also email for your personal player access code.

**Parents - once your child creates their Maxone Account you can create and link your account (see below)

  1. Download the MaxOne App at the Apple or Google Play Store

  2. Press “Get Started” and “I’m a Parent”

  3. Create your account (username, password, phone number, email)

  4. Link your athlete with his MaxOne Account (Note:  Athlete account must be created 1st)

    1. Username

    2. Password

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