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Current News

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Football is Back, Details Below

Burnsville families, I'm happy to announce that football is officially back!  We have been given a new opportunity to play games this fall and practices will officially start 9/28.  We are also at this point able to complete this weeks scheduled practices.  


We will however have to get you all registered at the high school (this week's practices were registered through community ed).  Also, you will need to  create a new account.   Families will be allowed to complete registration without payment.  If they qualify for free or reduced lunch they will NEED to choose the “Pay Later” option and let Jeanine or Guillaume know so they can change the fee rate.  You will need a current physical on file with the athletic office prior to participation.


Please complete this asap, as you will not be allowed to practice next week without it…


Here is some more specific information below from Mrs. Riggs in the athletic office:

More tips and friendly reminders....

Please let your families know that the camp registration through Community Education will not count/transfer towards the MSHSL school football and volleyball registration (link below).  The parents/guardians will need to register through this site.  They can use their same ISD 191 Community Education username and password but (as Guillaume stated) he/she will need to "Create A New Account".  In my opinion, it is a very easy registration.  


If I recall, the registration application questionnaire will be completed first/PRIOR to the Create A New Account username/password.  This questionnaire will include the lengthy MSHSL information and forms.    


The registration will start with this link.  Click on this link or copy/paste the link into your browser.  


Next, find this "Blaze" box and click on it




It will bring you to this page.  Tip/Please Note:  the first and last name must be entered the same way it is stated in Synergy/Studentvue.  If the last name is hyphenated or two names, it must be entered this same way.

Enter the names as stated in Synergy or Studentvue, the date of birth as xx/xx/xxxx and click on "Continue". 


Student Information  

First Name *

Last Name *

Date Of Birth *

Continue Cancel


  Now you are on your way to completing the new online registration.  


Tip/Please Note Regarding Sports Physical:  You can enter the date and upload a copy of the sports physical documents signed by the clinic/doctor if you have it.  Otherwise, you can skip over it (hit Next) and I will enter the sports physical date when I see your completed online registration (sent to me via email notification).  Your online registration can be submitted without the sports physical.    However, a player cannot practice/participate until I have a valid sports physical on file.  


Tip/Please Note Regarding Payment:  You have the option to "Pay Later" and submit your online registration.  A student/family receiving lunch assistance will need to choose "Pay Later" so I can readjust the registration fee discount when I see your completed  online registration (sent to me via email notification).  In any case, one can pay online with a credit card or pay me directly with cash (with exact amount).  Your online registration can be submitted without the payment.   However, payment will be due by the first game.


Below is Ms. Riggs contact information for students/families so she can help. 


Jeanine Riggs
Administrative Assistant - Athletic/Activity Office
Burnsville High School
600 E. Highway 13
Burnsville, MN 55337
Tele #952-707-2151
Fax #952-707-2102
BHS Web Site:


Want to see our brand new Football field? - Click Here To See It

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Volunteers Needed

All parents are expected to volunteer for at least 1 event.

For more information, contact our Booster President Carrie Westrum

Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers for many days and many areas. We need volunteers for the concession stand, Tackle Cancer night, BCTV help, bingo night, half time snacks and more. Please click this link for more info.

Looking for student managers to record practice/games - If interested, Click here to Contact Coach Varp

Football Contacts

Here are our Football Contacts for the 2020-2021 Season

2020 CAPTAINS - Nathan Le, Myiion Hodges, Chase Vongkham

2020 Leadership Council:  Dylan Fischer, Colton Gregersen, Adam Chudecke

12th Grade - Mike Olsen -
11th Grade - Jeanne Tompkins -

10th Grade - Jim Bunnell -

9th Grade  - Vicki Classen -

Varsity & Junior Varsity - Vince Varpness -
9th & 10th Grade - Coach Joe Kinsella -

Recent Players in College
  • Hamza Hassan (SMSU)

  • Max Cantrell (Concordia)

  • Jordan Leake (Wayne St.)

  • Jesse Orak (Concordia)

  • Kamal Martin (Minnesota)

  • Keenan Winge (Concordia)

  • Tucker Shepley (Northwestern (MN) - Football/Basketball)

  • Andy Samuel (UND - Track)

  • Benn Olson (NIU)

  • Abdi Farah (Ridgewater)

  • Jake Parrent (Itasca)

  • Trenton Alderson (Itasca)

  • Brett Shepley (Augustana)

  • Luke Simon (Ridgewater)

  • Michael Schiller (Century - Baseball)

  • Jake Staats (Northern State)

  • Matt Gilray (South Dakota)

  • Nick Burton (Wisconsin-Eau Claire)

  • Jake Shepley (Concordia-St. Paul)

  • Jared Lozano (Concordia Moorhead)
  • Jackson Martens (ICCC)

  • Stephan Olson Jr. (ICCC)

  • Seyi Aguda (Track at North Dakota)

  • Tre Thomas (U. of SD)

  • John Simon (Concordia Moorhead)

  • Jackson Martins (Northern Iowa)

  • Marcus Shepley (Duluth)

  • Isaac Tester (Stout)

  • Tommy Tester (Stout)

  • Nicholas Gilman (St. John's)

  • Kyle Atkinson (MN-track)

  • Issac Pasko (RCTC)

  • Dalton Passon (MN West)

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